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SPAIS students win Alumni Association Award two years in a row

13 December 2016

SPAIS postgraduate research student Natalie Jester is one of this year’s winners of the University of Bristol Alumni Association Awards.

Nat Jester

Natalie receives her award from University of Bristol chancellor Baroness Hale. Photo credit: Bhagesh Sachania

Presented to students who have made an outstanding contribution to the university or the local community, Natalie was nominated in part for her efforts within the SPAIS Gender Research Centre, of which she is a member.

Prof Sarah Childs, Director of the GRC and one of Natalie’s nominators, said of her: ‘Natalie is an important part of the SPAIS Gender Research Centre; as a highly participative member of the centre, she always willing to organise and speak at events, advise on the direction of the GRC from a PGR perspective, and has really added to the collegiate identity of the Centre.’

Nat Jester

Natalie and Sarah, director of the SPAIS Gender Research Centre. Photo credit: Bhagesh Sachania

Natalie’s nomination also recognises her widening participation work, her teaching efforts (for which she was nominated for the Bristol Teaching Awards in 2014/15), her work with the Somali First project training researchers in Hargeisa, and her public engagement activities through her work with the Bristol Festival of Ideas, as an academic contributor for Rife Magazine for young people and her role in TEDxUniversityofBristol, the talks from which have been watched over 150,000 times online so far.

We are delighted that SPAIS students have won two years in a row. Last year, Global Insecurities Centre postgraduate research student Gilberto Algar-Faria won for his work with the media, governments and courts in the protection of asylum seekers as a Country of Origin Information Expert at the Rights in Exile Programme, for his role in providing advice to policymakers as a Research Associate at the Foreign Policy Centre, for his involvement with the Somali First initiative and for his commitment to life at the University, in representation, governance, outreach, teaching, mentoring, communications, networking and pioneering of flagship events.

Nat Jester

Natalie celebrates with Gilberto. Gilberto nominated her for the award and won himself in 2015. Photo credit: Andrew Jester

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