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Staff seed corn projects

We have been able to fund pilot projects for staff at the University of Bristol since 2016.  See below for a list of previous projects we have been able to fund. 



Addressing the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) ‘data gap’:ascertaining the feasibility of establishing the first UK National linked database for FASD

Cheryl McQuire                    
Engineering Art: Algorithmic personalisation of visual preference using eye-tracking and deep learning Lazlo Talas
SS Great Britain: data-driven modelling for advanced management Alberto Gambaruto
The interplay between pain medication, workplace productivity, and well-being: seeking ground truth and refining Big Data analytic methods Neo Poon
Unlocking bigweb archives: a toolto learn about new economic activitiesover space and time Emmanouil Tranos
Assessing the recombinogenic potential of novel bacterial lineages: Towards an early warning system for problem pathogens Sion Bayliss
Empowering Power Electronics with AI: Partial Discharge Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Wenzhi Zhou
A new phylogenomic framework for studying the origin, evolution and diversification of polyketide biosynthesis Tom Williams
Developing an Integrated and Intelligent Algo-trading System Jin Zheng



An AI-based app to recognise, gather data on and respond to children’s arrangements of wooden blocks in mathematical block play Alf Coles

Paediatric QoL Dilemma: Developing Paediatric Quality of Life Digital Ecological Momentary Assessment to improve paediatric research
and clinical management                                                                                                                                                                                  

Amberley Brigden                
Evaluating distributed sampling and analysis of urban air quality with mobile wearable sensor networks Aleks Domanski
Transferring early disease detection classifiers for wearables on companion animals  Emily Blackwell
Can sharing app data assist communication and rapport between young people and mental health practitioners and enhance clinical consultations? Lucy Biddle
Mapping the linguistic topography of Sophocles’ plays: what Natural Language Processing can teach us about Sophoclean drama Benjamin Folit-Weinberg
Data-Driven Aerospace Design through the Statistical Characterisation of the Search and Rescue Environment Josh Hoole
Brunel's Network: Interactive Maria Pregnolato
Visualising the past: Exploring data visualisation as a method to investigate the digitised archives of historical medical journals Barbara Caddick
Medical Experts as Social Media Influencers of Networks of Practice in the Fight Against COVID-19  Roberta Bernardi
Investigating biomarkers associated with Alzheimer Disease to boost multi-modality approach for early diagnosis Zahraa Abdallah
Bayesian methods in Neuroscience Conor Houghton



What is the best relationship between humans and AI? Investigating researcher perceptions of AI through immersive experience Richard Owen
Secure machine learning on sensitive ground truth data held by UK birth cohorts Valerio Maggio
Non-invasive imaging of the eye to predict Alzheimer’s disease  Denize Atan
A Digital Twin Enabler for the Clifton Suspension Bridge: an open-interface structural model Sam Gunner
The ‘symbolic annihilation of women’ in primary school literature” Chris McWilliams
Evaluating fairness, bias and equality in Artificial Intelligence for skin disease Kevon Parmeser
Convolutional Neural Networks for Environmental monitoring Christopher Williamson          
Pandemics and ‘infodemics’: the nature, extent and reach of public health misinformation on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic Cheryl McQuire
Effects of adolescent physical activity on physical and mental health in adulthood: novel multivariate pattern analysis of the intensity spectrum         Ahmed Elkaheen
Pilot Assessment of Cancer Risk After SARS-COV-19 Pau Erola
Optimising the allocation and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the UK Xin Fei, Xiaojun Wang
Earth’s climate at your fingertips: connecting multidisciplinary environmental sciences and the public through interactive data exploration Sebastian Steinig
Research searcher Benjamin Elsworth



Mood music: using Spotify to infer wellbeing                                                                                                                                                      Oliver Davis                          
Digital Humanities meets Medieval Financial Records: The Receipt Rolls of the Irish Exchequer Brendan Smith
Automating food aggregation for nutrition and health research  Zoi Toumpakari
Elements of free text used in decision making: an exemplar from death reviewsin prostate cancer and learning disabilities Avon Huxor
Decoding pain: development of a clinical tool to enable real-time data visualisation and analysis of human pain nerve activity Jim Dunham
Super-charging single-cell imagingpathology Ranjeet Bhamber
Mental health and educational achievement in two national contexts: A machine learning approach  Liz Washbrook
Chemspeed data capture and curation  Ella Gale
Machine learning assisted polymer design Pierangelo Gobbo
Bristol Explores Brunel's Temporal Social Network' James Boyd
Mapping Oliver Messel Elaine McGirr



Audio-visual display of protein dynamics using deep learning and classical composition Peter Bennett
ReUsing Qualitative Datasets to Understand Shifts in HIV Prevention 1997-2013 Catherine Dodds
EPIC Lab: Generating a first-person (egocentric) vision dataset for practical chemistry – data analysis and educational opportunities                        Chris Adams
From conflict to collaboration: visualizing shifts in group energy to support creativity Hen Wilkinson     
Multi-task learning for antimicrobial resistance Matthew Avison                     
Interactive visualisation of Antarctic mass trends from 2003 until present Stephen Chuter



Immune response networks in wild mice Naoki Masuda   
Social movement differences and risk of psychosis: Data-driven approaches for mental health diagnostics Sarah Sullivan
Developing computational tools for analysis of exome and genome data in highly phenotyped rare disease cohorts Agnieszka Bierzynska
EPIC-KITCHENS 2018 Dataset – JGI Sponsorship for Large-Scale Dataset (Publishing and Promotion) Dima Damen
Enabling advanced analytics for all users of the proteomics facility Andrew Dowsey
Exploiting big data for greenhouse gas emissions estimation using INLA Luke Western

Fostering collaborations with UK livestock diagnostic laboratories to integrate data sources on antimicrobial resistanceinto a multi-use data resource

Fernando Sanchez-Vizcaino    
Development of machine learning algorithms for antimicrobial resistance testing Massimo Antognozzi




Developing a deep learning method for phylogenomics Tom Williams          
Workshops to discuss developing, maintaining and working with databases for multi-source, multi-level, multi-type data Harriet Mills
Whose Culture and Where? Exploring and capturing BAME cultural engagement across Bristol Frances Giampapa               
Supervised learning to support the optimisation of chemical reaction Natalie Fey
Exploring Water Quality Monitoring and Modelling in Bristol Harbour   Dawei Han
Passive Perception of Speech in Children with Autism : Interrelating Neuroimaging and Interpretative Paradigms Shu Hui Yau
GPU accelerated image processing of Cryo-EM data- determining a high resolution structure of the Thermosome a molecular machine                       Danielle Paul
Afro-Asian Networks Visualised: Global History in Collaboration
Su Lin Lewis   



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