Bristol Data Week 2023

Bristol Data Week 2023, June 2023, #BristolDataWeek 

Thank you to all our attendees, speakers and sponsors for a fantastic Bristol Data week! 

We held our 6th data week in June - with interactive talks, training, and workshops, open to all and completely free of charge. We held a mix of events online and in-person, from training on how to use Python and R, inclusive data workshops and free networking lunches. 

We also had a fantastic joint event with the University of the West of England on Collaborating with communities using data and AI to create more inclusive cultures which took place at the Bristol Beacon. We heard about the latest advances in Data Science, Data-intensive research, and Artificial Intelligence, with a diverse mix of inspiring speakers and interactive displays.  We also heard from our fantastic panel on how communities could use data and AI like ChatGPT to tackle key issues including inclusivity, protecting the vulnerable, and climate change.  

Slides and recordings

Slides and recordings from Bristol Data Week 2023 can be found below (see the Connect, Collaborate, Create webpage to see recordings from our event at Bristol Beacon on Thursday 8th June):

Monday 5th June

Title of EventSpeakerResources
JGI Director Introduction to Data Week Kate Robson Brown, UoB Video
Data Culture for Roche Diagnositcs Nadja Schafer, Roche

Video, Slides

BT Seminar, Generative AI Detlef Nauck, BT

Video, Slides

Beginning R ACRC

Video, Tutorial

The Beauty and Value of Data Visualisation Ian Nabney, UoB

Video, Slides

Tuesday 6th June

Title of EventSpeakerResources
Managing ethically sensitive data from planning to sharing        Zosia Beckles, UoB Slides
Introduction to Data Analysis in Python ACRC

Video, Tutorial

Challenging online political polarisation Hen Wilkinson & Arik Segal


Deep Learning with TensorFlow for skin cancer classification James Pope, UoB

Introduction Slides, Part 1 Slides, Part 2 Slides, Video

Intermediate R ACRC

Video, Slides

Wednesday 7th June

Title of EventSpeakerResources
Introduction to Tableau Luke Stoughton, The Information Lab Video (from 2022)
Tableau Continued Luke Stoughton,The Information Lab

Video (from 2022)

Careers in Data Science and AI The Alan Turing Institute and Brilliant Club


Applied Data Analysis in Python ACRC

Video, Tutorial

Thursday 8th June 

Title of EventSpeakerResources
Graphical Data Apps (Python & Streamlit) ACRC Tutorial
Connect, Collaborate, Create with Data and AI event at Bristol Beacon
Various Connect, Collaborate, Create with Data and AI website

Friday 9th June

Title of EventSpeakerResources
JGI International Partners Seminar: Fine Tuning large ASR models for accurate speech recognition for low-resource languages using Mozilla common voice data Betsy Muriithi, Strathmore University, Kenya Video, Slides
JGI International Partners Seminar: Inference with nonconvex functions, actual performance and implementation Ayaka Sakata, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo

Video, Slides

LV=GI Using Data and Technology to make the complex  Venura Perera, LV=GI

Highlights VideoVideo, Slides

Text and Sentiment Analysis in R ACRC

Video, Tutorial

JGI Seed Corn Presentations Various (see below for individual speakers)


JGI seed corn presenations (Friday 9th June)

Title of EventSpeakerResources
Engineering Art: Algorithmic personalisation of visual preference using eye-tracking and deep learning Laszlo Talas Video
Assessing the potential of novel bacterial lineages: Towards an early warning system for problem pathogens Dan Lawson

Video Sebastian Steinig


Investigating biomarkers associated with Alzheimer's disease for early detection Zahraa Abdallah


Can we make TikTok good for you?  Roberta Bernadi


SS Great Britain: data-driven modelling for advanced management Alberto Gambaruto


Towards an Integrated and Intelligent Algo-Trading System Jin Zheng




Thank you to all of our Bristol Data Week 2023 presenters and organisers.



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