A wildflower meadow with bright red poppies, blue cornflower and daises and long grass in front of a modern brick and glass buildings, with blue sky above.

Gardens and green spaces

Students, staff and the public can visit and enjoy the University's gardens and green spaces for relaxation, volunteering and research.

We help make our natural environment a greener and more sustainable place for everyone.

A large old building at the top of a small hill, with lush green grass and trees around it. Small groups of people are sat on the grass. Visit our gardens

Find out when gardens are open, who can visit, activities and facilities, and garden history.

A person knelt down outdoors on grass. They are photographing objects on a white umbrella which is upside down Research with nature and the outdoors

Academics and research students can use our gardens, farm and green spaces for research.

7 people stood outside on a green lawn with trees behind them. On the ground in the middle of them are plastic boxes, all filled with apples. The people are smiling at the camera. Student volunteering

Spend time in nature and enhance your health and wellbeing, helping out in our gardens.

A bee sitting on a bright yellow flower Wildlife and nature

How our work has a positive impact conserving local wildlife and nature biodiversity.

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