Why study film and television at Bristol?

Some of our recent graduates discuss the experience of studying in the Department of Film and Television and what they went on to do next:

“I chose Film and Television because of its fluid balance between theoretical and practical study. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the theory behind cinema, as well as putting it into practice. I enjoyed having the option to choose some of my units as this meant that I was more in control of the knowledge I gained and enabled me to tailor my University of Bristol experience to my own specific interests.” 

Holly Cook (BA in Film and Television, 2019)

“The department is located in the same building as the Students Union, which is a huge bonus as it's the creative hub of the University and houses societies like UBTV, the University's student television station.” 

Ciara Flint (BA in Film and Television, 2018) 

“I met some of my closest friends on the course and even a year later it's amazing to see what everyone's gone on to do since university while taking their first steps in the industry. I'm sure I wouldn't be in my current position without the course and enthusiasm of the lecturers leading to most of what I spoke about in my first interview after graduating.” 

Abi Duck (BA in Film and Television, 2019)

Since leaving Bristol, I have trained to become an English teacher.  I have always been fascinated by the connections between English and Film/Media, and I did my Industrial Placement in the English and Media Departments of a school. It’s so exciting being able to draw on my own learning experience in order to teach others a subject about which I am passionate. 

Holly Cook (BA in Film and Television, 2019)

“The Department of Film and Television set me up with a placement in my final year that led to a full time job. This was an incredible stepping stone in my career and opened up a lot of opportunities for me after graduation.” 

Ciara Flint (BA in Film and Television, 2018) 

“Whilst studying here, I witnessed the growth of my confidence, potential, skill-set, and ambition, all of which I shall be using to my benefit as I pursue a career in television.”

Kate Johnson (BA in Film and Television, 2018) 

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