Foundation in Arts and Humanities

The one-year course gives an introduction to the arts and humanities, it is designed to prepare you to study for an undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol. We can offer assistance when you come to apply for financial support for the foundation year and any Bachelors degree you go on to study. Please read the information below and contact us if you have any queries.

Funding your studies

Depending upon your circumstances you may be eligible for a maintenance loan for your day to day living expenses and a tuition fee loan for your course tuition fees. Loans are available from the UK government via Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northen Ireland. 

Special Support Loan

New students who are over 60 can now apply for the Special Support Loan from Student Finance England.

Applying for funding

When you apply to Student Finance you will be asked for a UCAS course code. There is no UCAS code as the course is not available for UCAS entry.

On your Student Finance application you must state:

This is the course code and the course name which the Student Finance providers and the Student Loans Company have registered on their systems and is the only way they will recognise the course.

If you apply online, you will need to type the course code and course name in the relevant boxes - do not try to retrieve the information using the UCAS link as the details are not available from UCAS.

If you are having problems applying online, you may prefer to use a hard copy form: download a copy from the website. Anything you post to Student Finance England should be sent recorded delivery so that you have proof of posting.

If you have already applied to Student Finanace but put a different course name onyour application form, please phone Student Finance England (or Student Finance Wales or Northern Ireland) to request a change of circumstances. The course name on your application should be updated to: 4 Year BA with Integrated Foundation Year.

Alternatively, once you have been offered a place on the course you may ask the Faculty of Arts to send a Change of Circumstances to notify Student Finance of the change in course name.

Repeating years of study

Should a student fail a year of study and need to repeat it (without extenuating circumstances), they may not be eligible for full funding for the repeat year. This is due to the nature of the funding available for the Foundation in Arts and Humanities and the choice of degree courses you can continue to study afterwards.

If you are current student who is repeating a year due to compelling personal reasons (e.g medical reasons, bereavement), you may be able to access funding at the discretion of the Student Loans Company. Please contact the Student Funding Office for more information.

Previous study

Students who have studied in higher education before may find that their funding for the foundation degree is affected.

Previous study can be complex and you are advised to contact the Student Funding Office for further information on whether previous study will affect the financial support available to you.

Help from the University

In 2017/18 the University of Bristol bursary is available to students who have a household income of £42,875 or below. Students with a household income of £25,000 and below are able to receive the full award of £2,000.

You don't need to apply for the bursary. As long as you've applied for your financial support from Student Finance England (or whoever your UK funding provider is) and you have given your consent for the Student Loans Company to share your household income details with the University of Bristol, we will know whether you are eligible for the bursary and contact you during the autumn term.

Please note: the bursary is only available to those students who have been assessed by their funding provider to be a UK resident and eligible for financial support for living costs from the Student Loans Company.

Information on the course

More information on the Foundation in Arts and Humanities.

After the Foundation Year

If you complete the course satisfactorily you will be guaranteed a place on an undergraduate course within the University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities.