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University's Historic Gardens Book - 2nd edition: Author - Marion Mako

The University of Bristol is custodian to an impressive range of historic gardens including many buildings of architectural importance. Almost all have been bequested to the University by benefactors such as the Wills family.

Many of the historic gardens in the University‘s care are attached to halls of residence and can be enjoyed by students and staff alike.  It is, however, the purpose of the University Historic Gardens book to make the wider public, particularly the citizenry of Bristol, aware what the University owns, and to enable visitors to appreciate its gardens on tours and events.

‌  Clifton Hill House  Manor Garden Royal Fort Garden

These are located at Goldney, Langford, Clifton Hill, Manor Hall, Royal Fort, Wills Hall, Hampton House and the Centenary Garden. The book tells the story of the gardens and the people who created them.

The book was, originally, commissioned by the Historic Buildings & Gardens Committees Committee, which was set up to advise on the care and maintenance of the University‘s historic buildings and gardens.

The committee (now called Heritage & Public Art Committee) orchestrated a number of developments. For example recent funding allocations have helped provide:

 Langford River God 

‌Using many original archive resources, this book has been researched and written by Marion Mako, who studied for an MA in Garden History at the University. Lavishly illustrated, it tells the story of the gardens and the people who created them.

Gardens that are not accessible to the general public are now being opened for a variety of guided tours, events and talks. We hope to raise awareness of these assets and showcase their wealth of flora, fauna and architecture. For more information about our tours and events programme please click here.

proceeds from the sales of tours and merchandise within the gardens contribute to the conservation and restoration of these gardens and landscapes.

Copies of the book are available from the University's online shop and cost £7.00 including postage. 

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