PART TIME English Literature and Community Engagement Degree

Calling all book-lovers, English enthusiasts and budding creative writers, applications for the English Literature and Community Engagement part-time degree 2023/24 are open now!

This exciting degree programme will introduce you to literature in English from across the globe reaching back from the present day to the medieval. Alongside the study of literature you will have the chance to design and set-up a community engaged project and use this to examine the role of literature and reading in contemporary society.

The degree is taught one evening class a week over six years with the occasional Saturday school. You will have access to seminars, lectures, tutorials plus individual mentoring to support you in setting up a community engaged project.

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Please direct any enquiries about the ELCE course to:


Telephone Deputy Director Craig Savage: 0117 428 3747

Course structure and fees

Find out more about the course structure and fees for the course including the units available to study in both English Literature and Community Engagement. 

of study

of study
Unit title Term Credits
Yr. 1 Level C/4 Introduction to Critical Theory & Thought  TB1  20
Yr. 1 Level C/4 Poetry  TB2  20
Yr. 1 Level C/4 Academic Skills for the Study of
English Literature & Community Engagement
 TB4  20
Yr. 2 Level C/4 Advanced Critical Theory & Thought  TB1  20
Yr. 2 Level C/4 The Short Story  TB2  20
Yr. 2 Level C/4 Community Engagement: Theory into Practice  TB4  20
Yr. 3 Level I/5 Period Unit 1 (1150-1550)  TB1  20
Yr. 3 or 4 Level I/5 American Literature  TB2  20
Yr. 3 or 4 Level I/5 Communities, Education, and Ways of Knowing  TB4  20
Yr. 4 Level I/5 Period Unit 2 (1550-1780)  TB1  20
Yr. 4 or 3 Level I/5 Literature and the Politics of Gender  TB2  20
Yr. 4 or 3 Level I/5 Literature, Creative Writing, and Community  TB4  20
Yr. 5 Level H/6  Special Author Study  TB4  20
Yr. 5 or 6 Level H/6  Period Unit 4 (1900-Present)  TB1  20
Yr. 5 or 6 Level H/6

Contemporary Literature, Social Change
and Movements

 TB2  20
Yr. 6 Level H/6 Dissertation (English Literature
or Community Engagement)
 TB4  20
Yr. 6 or 5 Level H/6  Period Unit 4 (1900-Present)  TB1  20
Yr. 6 or 5 Level H/6  Interrelation of Culture:
Britain, Africa, and the Carribean
 TB2  20

Applying for the course and further information

Admission to the ELCE programme is via application and interview. Interviews will take place in Spring and Summer and are offered in-person or online.

Click here to apply

Or alternatively, download the application form as a Word Document here: ELCE Application 2023/24 (Office document, 106kB)

Any questions?

Email Dr. Marie-Annick Gournet (Director) and Craig Savage (Deputy Director): 

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Before embarking on the full BA course, you may be interested in our short preparatory course Reading English Literature. Please see our page on short courses.  

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