Student ambassador: Samat

While studying on the International Foundation Programme, student ambassador Samat Alpyssov spoke to us about his experiences.

What do you think of Bristol?

It was completely a new place for me. I had never been to the UK before. But I like Bristol. It is a very nice place. I love Durdham Down – it’s very big.

How has the programme helped you?

I think mostly it has helped me develop my English skills. Also, it has helped me become a more independent person.

Did you find it hard adjusting to life in the UK?

At first it was very hard. Then I started speaking English better and it became easier for me. The staff are very friendly. So if I have problems, I just ask and they help me.

What advice would you give new students here?

If they have any problems, they just need to ask somebody. Because sometimes people are very shy about asking. I think everybody is a little bit shy, when asking about things they don’t know.

How have you found living in the UK?

The weather is good for me. In my country we have very hot summers and very cold winters. So for me, the rain is an escape.

In my country we mostly don’t use any spices in traditional food. So for me, food here was a little bit strange. But then I just started cooking for myself. So I learned a lot, how to become more independent. Skills like cooking, washing my stuff and other things.

Describe Bristol in three words.

Green, friendly and beautiful.

Samat Alpyssov, student ambassador – Kazakhstan
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