Student ambassador: Fatima

While studying on the International Foundation Programme, student ambassador Fatima Alsaif spoke to us about her experiences.

What led you to study at Bristol?

I was raised in the UK but moved back to Saudi Arabia around 4th grade. I heard about Bristol through a friend of mine who told me to apply. I heard that it was very green and very artsy, but that it still didn’t lack in a city. That attracted me a lot.

Why the International Foundation Programme?

I had to do the foundation programme because I didn’t have eligible qualifications to start directly as an undergraduate. I also really like the arts and humanities programme, which has a broad liberal arts approach.

How is the International Foundation Programme helping you?

It’s hard to pinpoint, but it teaches you everything you should’ve learned in high school but never learned. And everything you should know as an undergraduate but don’t. I’ve definitely learned self awareness of my own mistakes. Before I would see work that was really good, but not know what made it good. I know what makes my work good now and I can create that.

What advice would you give students planning to do the International Foundation Programme?

Come with an open mind. You may not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing sometimes, but there’s definitely a gain. You won’t just feel it, you’ll see it in your work afterwards.

What’s it like being an international student here?

It was a bit intimidating at first. Before I came, I thought I wouldn’t mix in with the home students. But when I came to the International Foundation Programme it was reassuring, because people had experiences similar to mine. A lot of us are pretty much the same, we’re just from different cities and cultural backgrounds.

In three words, what is Bristol to you?

Retro, real… and windy.

Student Fatima wide
Fatima Alsaif, student ambassador – Saudi Arabia
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