Scholarship winner: Martina

Martina won a £2,000 scholarship in 2015/16. She talks about self organisation and stepping out of her comfort zone.

What do you like most about the International Foundation Programme?

Being able to study. I appreciate getting such an amazing opportunity to be part of University of Bristol.

What advice would you give new international students?

Get excited about your subject, stay hungry for learning and connect with other students. There is so much to do and so much to see. I understand there is a big cultural shock in the beginning, but start with a small step. Stepping out of the comfort zone is what will make you always want more.

How do you think you’ve improved?

Self organisation. It requires an outstanding amount of time to learn how to manage time properly. Because I was always working from the beginning, I was not sure how I could manage everything. But I have learnt what works best for me.

What’s the best thing you have learned?

The importance of teachers and tutors in the education cycle. I have always respected people who are the teachers. For me, it is the second most influential position in the society, after being a parent.

All the tutors and lecturers here give me this ‘wow’ feeling and an appreciation that I am the lucky person to get knowledge from the knowledgeable. Wisdom is the best thing you can pass on to others.

What’s your favourite Bristol landmark?

Definitely Spike Island. I fell in love the first time I went to an event there. It was amazing to see how different Bristol can be.

What is your favourite restaurant here?

If Boston Tea Party doesn’t count, it is definitely Urban Tandoor. It is the best Indian restaurant, with this inside ‘sophistication’. I love exploring different cuisines and in Bristol there are always different options.

Martina Lastikova, scholarship winner – Slovakia
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