Alumnus: Ekin Arabul

After completing our International Foundation Programme, Ekin Arabul progressed to a University of Bristol degree. He graduated from MEng Computer Science and Electronics in 2015, and is now studying MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He hopes to do his PhD here.

What did you gain from the International Foundation Programme?

I learnt how to write with proper, formal language. I became more confident in English because of the International Foundation Programme.

It made the transition from high school to university much smoother. If I had started university straight from high school, I would have had problems with the language. I am still using the academic writing skills and English skills.

I met people from lots of different places and I am still in contact with friends from the International Foundation Programme.

How did you adjust to life in the UK?

Coming to the programme was the first time I lived away from home. You arrive, you don’t know anyone and you’re not confident with the language. It is a challenge.

New students should participate in any event – as many as they can. In your first year it’s hard, but people are friendly. They don’t mind if you want to participate, even if you can’t speak very good English.

How do you find living in Bristol?

Bristol is not very small, but it’s not very big either. Everywhere is in walking distance. I really like it. I can get anything I want – there is every store I need.

It’s a safe city. I got used to it here in my first year, and I didn’t want to leave. I like that I don’t need a car. I have been to lots of other cities in the UK, but they aren’t as good as Bristol!

What are you doing now?

I am developing some digital instruments for quantum physics experiments – photonics-precise time measurement tools.

I always liked programming and designing my own electronic stuff, and now I’m actually doing that. If I can get a PhD, I would like to work here. I would like to apply my knowledge.

Ekin Arabul, alumnus – Turkey
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