Alumna: Yuan

After completing our International Foundation Programme, Yuan Yuan progressed to a University of Bristol degree. She graduated from BSc Accounting and Finance in 2015, and is now studying MSc Finance and Investment.

What did you like about the programme?

There are small groups, so each tutor will pay lots of attention to each individual student. It was helpful that I got lots of support and help.

The programme helped me prepare for undergraduate study. Academic writing was the most important thing. I still use the critical thinking I learnt on the programme.

The International Foundation Programme not only helps you improve your English language skills, it helps explain UK culture as well. The biggest shock for me was that people don’t drink hot water! Everywhere in China you can get hot water.

Where is your favourite place to work?

I really like studying in the library. You see everyone working hard and doing their best, and that inspires me to do the same.

What are your plans for the future?

After my masters, I want to find a job in accounting. I have used the University’s Careers Service. I have been to some of the small classes and workshops.

Yuan Yuan, alumna – China
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