Alumna: Diana

After completing our International Foundation Programme, Diana Drobyshevskaya progressed to a University of Bristol degree. She will graduate from BSc Economics and Management in 2016.

Did you enjoy the International Foundation Programme?

The teachers are very engaged and interested in what they are doing. They are inspiring because they have a desire to teach.

We got skills to use in University, but we were also given useful phrases and cultural references – like saying ‘quid’ instead of ‘pound’.

How did it help you?

Without the International Foundation Programme, I probably wouldn’t be doing very well on my degree. Economics is very essay based and the learning is very different to Russia.

The academic writing module was really helpful to practise our essay skills – like compare and contrast. Now I am proof-reading things for friends!

How did you adjust to life in the UK?

The process of moving in was stressful, but I was in a really nice hall – the Hawthorns. It took me some time to get used to, but it was a good change of scenery.

It was a challenge, but it taught me discipline. The foundation teaches you academic skills, but it also teaches you about life and how to be an adult.

How do you find living in Bristol?

Bristol is the perfect place to study. I came for an open day and I fell in love with the city. If you want a quiet environment to study, you can find that. But if you turn around, you can find entertainment. It’s a perfect mix of everything for me.

It’s a good location, not too far from London. My favourite place in Bristol is the Harbourside. I go running near the SS Great Britain and it’s very calm and quiet.

What advice would you give to new students?

Start working from day one. Of course you need a social life and you need to feel part of Bristol, but it is really important to start working and accumulating knowledge. The programme gives you a base for your future education.

During the International Foundation Programme, students could go to Careers Service events – to find out what employers want and what skills they need. Students should start thinking about their career.

Diana Drobyshevskaya, alumna – Russia
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