Academic Development Days (ADD) @ CELFS

What does Academic Development mean?

Nobody is born speaking academic English. It is something that we all need to learn if we want to succeed in our studies whether English is our first language or not. There are different expectations and depths of Academic Language and Literacy that are required at different levels of study, such as moving from A levels to Undergraduate study. If you want to be a successful participant in the undergraduate academic community, you need to be aware of these expectations and continue to develop your academic language and literacy in order to then meet them.

What are Academic Development Days?

Academic Development Days are designed to add something extra to your undergraduate skills. We have sessions on:

  1. Using your reading in your writing
  2. Structuring an argument
  3. Critical thinking and evaluation
  4. Answering assignment and exam questions
  5. Citing and summarising to avoid plagiarism
  6. Reflective writing and learning

1-1 Writing Tutorials

Bookable 1-1 writing tutorials will be available from October 2017.

Tutorials are offered as a follow up to the Academic Development Days, to book a writing tutorial with one of our tutors, please email for the link to the booking form.

Are Academic Development Days for me?

Yes! If you are:

  • A Home, European or International student.
  • In your first, second, or third year of undergraduate studies.
  • Looking to understand the expectations that your lecturers have and
  • Looking to meet these expectations to improve the standard of your work.


Sign up now for ADD sessions in Teaching Block 2

For sessions in Week 15 on Structuring an argument / Organisation OR Critical thinking sign up here: CLOSED

For sessions in Week 16 on Answering assignment and exam questions OR Reflective Writing sign up here: CLOSED

For sessions in Week 17 on Using your reading in your writing OR Citing and summarising to avoid plagiarism sign up here:

Academic Development Day's are for Undergraduate students only. If you have any questions about these sessions, please email: 


Please contact for more information.

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Registrations will open for teaching block two in December 2018

Wow, that was incredibly useful and tailored to my specific needs - thanks very much.


Really well-structured session.


It didn’t feel like we were being walked through dull points. It was very engaging.


Extremely helpful individualised feedback- very thankful for the audience given.

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