Travel Exhibition

Walking on the Café Wall

Did you ever perceive a pattern in a building or in the outside world as beautiful and stimulating while a family member or a friend couldn’t bare the look of it? Why are there such big differences in how patterns in the environ­ment affect people? What have these differences to do with the way our brain processes visual information? Visual patterns are all around us. Help URBAN VISION SCIENCE to understand how they affect health and wellbeing.

In the context of the UKCRIC Bristol Infrastructure Collaboratory and the University Strategic Research Fund Project “Urban Vision – Understanding the impact of visual environments on physical and mental wellbeing”, the URBAN VISION SCIENCE team has set up a temporary research lab / interactive travel exhibition in the atrium of the Life Sciences Building (24 Tyndall Ave, Bristol BS8 1TQ). This consists of a walkable corridor installation to investigate how visual illusions / patterns in our environment affect people’s mood, behaviour and gait, which will remain there for the next 6 months. 

 The photos give you a first impression of the corridor covered in café wall tiling.  Please come to check things out, participate in our research and tell us what you think. Most importantly, please do get involved with thoughts, ideas and suggestions. The corridor installation is work in progress, and we are looking very much forward to your comments and feedback.


To get in touch with the team, please contact Ute Leonards (School of Psychological Science, Bristol Vision Institute, UKCRIC)


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