Research interests

Our current research focuses on:

  • String algorithms
  • Time and space lower bounds
  • Complexity theory
  • Streaming algorithms
  • Randomised algorithms
  • Counting complexity
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum information theory
  • Constraint satisfaction problems
  • Algorithms for dynamic data
  • Programming languages
  • Algorithmic spectral graph theory

Research projects

Current research grants

Currently-funded projects include:

  • EPSRC fellowship awarded to Ashley Montanaro for "New insights in quantum algorithms and complexity" (Jul 2014-Jul 2019). EP/L021005/1.
  • EPSRC fellowship awarded to Raphael Clifford for "Next generation pattern matching" (Jan 2013-Dec 2017). EP/J019283/1.

Previous research grants

Previously-funded pojects include:

  • EPSRC grant for "Dynamic pattern matching: Faster Algorithms and New Bounds". (Jan 2012-Dec 2014). EP/J011940/1 (PI Raphaël Clifford).
  • EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship awarded to Benjamin Sach for "Pattern matching algorithms for streaming data" (Mar 2011-Feb 2014). EP/H028056/1.
  • EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship awarded to Ashley Montanaro for "New directions in quantum algorithms" (Oct 2009-Sep 2012). EP/G049416/1.
  • EPSRC grant for "University of Bristol Bridging the Gaps Cross-Disciplinary Feasibility Account" (Oct 2009-Mar 2012). EP/H024786/1 (CI Raphaël Clifford).
  • EPSRC grant for "Pattern matching algorithms for massive datasets" (Feb 2008-Aug 2011). EP/F02682X/1 (PI Raphaël Clifford).
  • EPSRC grant for "Virtual Interface Centre between Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science" (Jan 2007-Dec 2009). EP/E022685/1 (CI Raphaël Clifford).

PhD opportunities

If you have a strong background in computer science and/or mathematics, and interested in any of these research areas, please get in touch.

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