Sustainable Energy

We find better ways of building and maintaining sustainable energy sources in rural and urban areas, from off-grid villages to refugee camps.

In the least developed countries (LDCs), the number of people with access to electricity has more than doubled in the past 15 years. However, almost 1 billion people still live without electricity. In 2016, only 34% of LDC primary schools had electricity. Solutions brought in from other countries often do not work locally, and locals have no way of fixing machinery when needed.  

Our dream is to create energy sources that can be built and maintained locally.  We are helping improve rural microgrids and design better turbines in Nepal. As part of the WISE Centre for Doctoral Training, we are exploring small hydropower on the Zambesi basin. Other projects include designing electric cooking stoves and solar-powered water pumps, as well as creating fully sustainable energy systems with Small Island States. 

Where we work 

Most of our work is focused in Nepal, Malawi, Brazil and the island state of St Helena. We are looking to expand our research in Central and East Africa.

This is where engineering intersects with real life. It's about making a positive change.

Dr Sam Williamson
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