Energy and power

Development of sustainable, affordable and non-polluting forms of energy are vital to the future of global economic growth and are a cornerstone of the UK’s industrial and clean growth strategies.

Research in the Faculty of Engineering is contributing to this challenge in a number of important ways, by exploring innovative ways to ensure energy can be generated safely and reliably, through design of the next generation of motors powered by renewably-generated electricity or alternative fuels and by identifying smarter ways to monitor energy use, to deliver it where and when it is needed.

Key activities in this area include development of safer approaches to generating low carbon nuclear energy, use of smart digital technologies to allow tracking and modelling of energy generation, management and use for greater energy efficiency, the design and manufacture of more efficient wind turbine blades for renewable electricity generation and the development of electric vehicles and supercapacitor technology to allow adoption of non-polluting electric vehicles.

The following research groups are involved in this important field of work:

  • Solid Mechanics
    Working with industry to design, monitor and decommission nuclear power plants to deliver safe and reliable nuclear energy.
    Developing composite supercapacitors for use in vehicles, developing lighter, more efficient wind turbine blades for energy generation.
  • Robotics
    Looking at ways to use energy harvesting to power drones and robots in extreme environments.
  • Engineering Systems and Design
    Modelling energy distribution networks to develop smart charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and more efficient electrical distribution.

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