Interview with Michael Bird

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Michael has a background in Biomedical Sciences. He is part of the 2021-202cohort for the MSc in Digital Health.



Why did you choose the MSc in Digital Health? 

I had always been interested in healthcare and my experience interning for a charity that focused on patient safety sparked my interest in the digital health industry. I knew I needed to upskill in technical areas to be a competitive job candidate in this space and to equip myself to bring my own ideas to life. The Digital Health MSc is helping me learn the data and programming skills I need. The final project looks really exciting, and I am looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into action. 

What is your background?

I studied Biomedical Sciences as an undergrad and after graduating I taught science in a specialist school for most of the year prior to applying. 

How did you find the application process?

The application process was straightforward, and I heard back from Bristol quickly. 

What are you enjoying most about the programme so far?

I am enjoying all the modules so far, but my favourite is Responsible Research and Innovation. I really enjoy the interactive seminars where as a cohort we discuss current issues affecting digital health and how we, as future scientists and workers in this industry, can navigate these issues and minimise potential harm. 

What do you plan to go onto after the MSc, and what are your future career aspirations?

I have a few ideas for digital health interventions that I would like to work on and ultimately create a start-up to bring these projects to life in an effective and commercially viable way. I am hoping that these will help people. 

What would you say to somebody considering applying to the MSc in Digital Health at Bristol? 

If you want to learn a diverse range of skills and discover how technology is shaping healthcare, then I would seriously recommend this course. I love that I am working in a rapidly evolving area and working everyday alongside brilliant people. 


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