SPHERE - a Sensor Platform for HealthcarE in a Residential Environment

The UK, like many other nations, is faced with an explosion of long-term health conditions - these are conditions that require continuous management, often for many years, outside of a hospital setting. Obesity, depression, diabetes, stroke, falls, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disease are some of the biggest health issues and fastest-rising categories of healthcare costs.

The vision of the EPSRC-funded SPHERE IRC (2013-2023, £11.7M, EP/K031910/1 + £3.6M, EP/R005273/1) is to impact a range of healthcare needs by employing data-fusion and pattern-recognition from a common platform of sensors in the home. Since its inception the project has been working with end users and the public to develop a multi-sensor fusion approach to sensing of health-related behaviours such as sleep, physical activity, eating, domestic chores and social contact. The project has developed custom worn and non-worn sensors, video sensors, low power connectivity solutions and machine learning to reason from these data streams.

The SPHERE solution has been deployed in over 100 homes.

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Professor Ian Craddock - SPHERE Director & Principal Investigator.

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