The Digital Health Engineering group (26 academics, 20 postdocs and 10 PhD students) applies computer science and electronic technologies to health and well-being challenges. Working with clinicians and the public, we research and design wearable sensors, low power communication networks, computer vision systems and machine learning methods that can reason about these diverse sources of data.

By closely coupling clinical users and the public to fundamental technology research, we aim to influence the development of new technologies in Bristol and worldwide that are useful, accurate and balance societal needs with privacy and ethics.

If you are interested in studying a PhD in this area, you can find more details here.

The Group has expanded rapidly in recent years, funded by around £25M of grants since 2013 from EPSRC, MRC and H2020. Our flagship project "SPHERE" is a suite of custom IoT technologies deployed in 50 local homes, gathering a globally-unique dataset. SPHERE itself has seeded many new projects, described here.

Digital Health Public Advisory Group

We greatly value the active participation of the public in our research. The Digital Health Public Advisory Group inputs into many of our research proposals as well as contributing to on-going projects. If you'd like to be involved please get in touch.

Facilities for Experimentation

Meaningful Digital Health research needs us to design technology that operates in the community. In addition to the famous "SPHERE house" which is a fully-furnished home where we trial technology with the residents, we have state of the art test and measure equipment and highly trained technicians that can procure, test, install and maintain sensors in locations away from campus.

Digital Health Care

Healthcare is changing - the Digital Health team is undertaking a wide range of research around the use of new technolgoies to diagnose and help manage health and wellbeing conditions. Working as a multidisciplinary team across the entire University, with the NHS, charities, industry and the public, our mission is to focus technological development on the UK's most pressing health issues.

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