Smart grid complex

The efficient generation, management and use of energy is a major societal challenge.

Addressing climate change concerns, whilst maintaining the security and reliability of the energy supply, requires a profound transformation of the networks used to transport energy. This transformation will be achieved through the use of novel Smart Metering and Smart Grid programmes. This aim is to transform the way people interact with their energy usage. Our work will lead to significant improvements in the operation and efficiency of electricity networks.

The CSN Group is undertaking key research in:

  • Communication network architectures and technologies that underpin the transformation of existing energy infrastructure into Smart Energy systems, especially in terms of modelling and simulation of very large scale distributed energy systems
  • New heterogeneous network architectures for large sensor-actuator networks, home networking systems, and interoperable sensor data management solutions and platforms
  • Energy efficient networks that will significantly reduce the energy consumption of the communication systems deployed around the world


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