Spatial characteristics of the 5G millimetre wave channel

Research area Connectivity 
Dates June 2017 - June 2018
Funder Huawei Technologies
Contact person Dr Evangelos Mellios
In 5G the higher frequency (HF) bands (24 – 86 GHz) will become of more interest for wireless communication. The propagation characteristics in the HF are still quite unknown and the frequency dependency of propagation parameters is not well defined. It is also not fully understood how the lower frequency (LF, below 6 GHz) measurement results and channel models can be reused for HF propagation and channel modeling. Moreover, the diffuse scattering and the power ratio between specular and diffuse propagation paths needs to be well understood. With this project, the intention is to investigate the different propagation phenomena such as diffraction and scattering and their impact to radio channel characteristics in spatial, temporal and polarization domains. These results are important in 5G system design, development and performance optimization.

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