SERAN: Seamless and Adaptive Wireless Access for Efficient Future Networks

Project team

Principal investigator:

Co investigators:

Postdoc Researchers:  

  • Dr Angelos Goulianos
  • Dr Michalis Charitos

Postgraduate Researchers: 

  • Miss Wenfang Yuan
Research area Connectivity
Dates 1st January 2015 - 30th September 2018
Funder EPSRC
Contact person Dr Simon Armour

 ‌SERAN Project

The Communication Systems & Network (CSN) research group is collaborating with the University of Edinburgh and Sheffield as well as world leading industrial partners to conduct research that will deliver seamless connectivity and enhanced energy efficiency for future wireless networks.

There is a growth in consumer’s demand for wireless data access.  There is a plethora of access technologies which already exist to meet these needs but more are being developed and standardised and network infrastructure is becoming heterogeneous in nature to meet users’ demands.

Currently, user devices contain multiple radio access solutions but there is a need for more seamless integration of connectivity to provide an ‘always best connected’ experience to the user whilst ensuring that the methods to achieve this are invisible to the user. Simultaneous with the traffic demand growth is an aggressive drive to reduce the energy consumption of radio access in order to reduce environmental impact and network operating costs.

SERAN is exploring innovative solutions in network architecture, physical layer signal processing, radio resource management and networking and transport protocols to deliver these dual goals.

For more information on the project please visit the website.  ‌

SERAN Project

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