Past projects

The following projects and fellowships currently receive external funding. If you would like details of your project to be included, please contact

Title of projectResearch areaPrincipal investigator
Cross-disciplinary Interfaces Programme (C-DIP) Fellowship Fund eHealth Dr Maciej Klemm
Dynamic Microwave Imaging for Advanced Medical Applications eHealth Dr Maciej Klemm
HubNet: Research Leadership and Networking for Energy Networks Energy Dr Dritan Kaleshi 
4th Generation LTE Amplifier Connectivity Dr Kevin Morris
Holistic Design of Power Amplifiers for Future Wireless Systems Connectivity Dr Kevin Morris
IoT Bay: An Interoperability Hub for IoT Services (IBS) Energy Dr Dritan Kaleshi
Vehicular Communications in TV White Spaces Transport Dr Angela Doufexi
WiFi Communication with High Speed Trains Transport Prof Andrew Nix
Virtual Increase in Signal Analysis Bandwidth for Wideband Transmitter Optimisation Connectivity  Dr Souheil Ben Smida
mmMagic Connectivity Prof Mark Beach
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