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Engineering Research scholarships and PhD vacancies 

These include EPSRC Industrial CASE and Interdisciplinary scholarships.

Follow the links in this table for full informationAcademicGroup/DepartmentDeadline/start date

Materials for Zero Carbon Energy Systems (PDF, 157kB) supported by EDF Energy and UKAEA

Prof Chris Truman Solid Mechanics Deadline: 31 August 2020
Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Novel Propellers (PDF, 212kB) Prof Mahdi Azarpeyvand Fluid and Aerodynamics  Start: 1 June 2020
Fatigue Characterisation of Composites at Cryogenic Temperatures (PDF, 321kB) Prof Ole Thomsen  Aerospace Start: Sept / Oct 2020
Aerosol Deposition in the Sinunasal Airways - from the infant to the adult (PDF, 187kB) Dr Alberto Gambaruto  Fluid and Aerodynamics Research Group  Start: Sept 2020
Recycled Carbon Fibres for Compounding (PDF, 219kB) Dr Dmitry Ivanov Composites CDT Start: 21 Sept 2020
Optimised Design of Composite Wings combining Aeroelastically Tailored Skins (PDF, 212kB) Dr Alberto Pirrera Composites CDT Start: 5 Oct 2020
Layer-by-Layer Manufacturing of Complex Composites (PDF, 270kB) Dr James Kratz Bristol Composites Institute Start: 21 Sept 2020
Composites Dry-Fibre Preform Technology for Complex Manufacturing (PDF, 201kB) Dr B.C. Eric Kim Aerospace Start: Sept 2020
Firmware Binary Code Analysis for Vulnerability Dectection (PDF, 220kB) Dr Sanjay Rawat  Cyber Security Group  Start:Oct 2020
Eddy-current testing of carbon-fibre composites (PDF, 156kB) Dr Robert Hughes UNDT Start: 1 Oct 2020
Design & prediction of irregular inductive sensors (PDF, 156kB) Dr Robert Hughes UNDT Start: 1 Oct 2020
Low-frequency Vibration of Sandwich Composites (PDF, 128kB) Prof Mahdi Azarpeyvand UNDT Deadline: 1 Oct 2019
Applications of Acoustic Streaming (PDF, 188kB) supported by Dyson Prof Anthony Croxford FIND Start from: 1 Feb 2020

Compression Properties of Bioinspired Composites (PDF, 185kB)

Prof Steve Eichhorn  Aerospace Engineering Start from: Sep/Oct 2020

Flood Resilient Bridge Modelling and Design (PDF, 220kB)

Dr Maria Pregnolato Civil Engineering

Start from:       1 Oct 2020

Machine Learning for Hardware Design Verification (PDF, 159kB)
Prof Kerstin Eder Computer Science Start from: Open until filled
Vibration Absorber Design using Experimental Testing within a Digital Twin (PDF, 199kB) Dr Jason Zheng Jiang DigiTwin Project Start: 1 Oct 2019
Microscintillator Radioactivity Detector (PDF, 248kB) Dr Karen Aplin Aerospace Engineering Start: 1 Oct 2020
Phd in SiC and GAN Power Electronics (PDF, 200kB) supported by Toshiba Prof Bernard Stark Electrical Energy Management Deadline: Oct 2019

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