Postgraduate Commendations

The Faculty of Engineering is proud of its doctoral students and the truly significant contributions they make in their fields of research, both nationally and internationally. Their publications are accepted by the best journals and they give presentations at top conferences. To mark exceptional achievement, the Faculty of Engineering awards commendations for doctoral theses deemed outstanding. The most recent are listed here.

Dr Nicholas Howden, Graduate Dean

Faculty Prize for the Best Doctoral Research Theses 

An annual prize is made for the thesis considered to be the best within each faculty and for which a degree has been awarded in the relevant academic year. 

2018/19: Fanny Jeanne Sarrazin - Understanding the sensitivity of karst groundwater recharge to climate and land cover at a large scale

The evolution of water resources in a world with significant climate change and population growth is a key question for society. Karst aquifers currently supply almost a quarter of the world’s population with groundwater. The evolution of this resource is particularly difficult to assess because changing climatic characteristics and land use alterations interact with complex hydrological subsurface processes. Fanny's project developed the first mechanistic large-scale model of groundwater recharge in karst regions including explicit representation of land cover. The model's application within an uncertainty framework demonstrates for the first time how climate change, land use change and subsurface hydrology define current and future groundwater recharge across Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

2017/18: Francesco Alderisio, Co-ordination and leadership in complex multiagent systems; analysis control and application to human ensembles 

2016/17: Wouter Berghuijs, Bringing structure to catchment-scale hydrological diversity around the world


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