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Third international workshop on measuring strength

14 October 2021

Professor Michael Wisnom of Bristol Composites Institute, together with Professor Yentl Swolfs from KU Leuven and Professor Federico Paris from the University of Seville, organised a successful online workshop on UD Compression Strength on 5 October.

The topic of the online workshop was "Measuring UD compression strength and the factors affecting it".

This event was the third in a series of online workshops focusing on composites strength, following on from previous events on defining strength in October 2020 and measuring tensile strength in March 2021.

A paper was presented, followed by a series of short presentations, and extensive discussion on the challenges of measuring this critical property. Around 100 people participated in the workshop.

A recording of the workshop can be watched on the Bristol Composite Institute's YouTube channel. The PowerPoint presentations and a paper summarising the topic are available for download via the links below.

Workshop Programme

Meeting introduction – Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven)

Topic presentation:

  • Measuring UD fibre direction compressive strength and the factors affecting it – Michael Wisnom (PDF, 423kB) (Bristol Composites Institute), Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven) and Federico Paris (University of Seville)

5-minute presentations:

  • Compression Testing of Advanced Composites and the Pursuit of the "Best Suited" Test Method – Dan Adams (PDF, 1,322kB) (Wyoming Test Fixtures)
  • Adaptive buckling support to investigate the compressive properties of long and thin specimen – Bodo Fiedler (PDF, 694kB) (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Optimization of tab's geometry, based on stress singularities, for the compression strength evaluation of CFRP thick-laminates – Alberto Barroso (PDF, 711kB)(University of Seville)
  • Determination of the longitudinal compressive strength of a carbon/epoxy UD ply considering bending, compressive and tensile tests – Frederic Laurin (PDF, 872kB) (ONERA)
  • Testing of longitudinal compression failure stress with cross-ply composite laminates – Hao Cui (PDF, 4,217kB) (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
  • Compressive failure of unidirectional carbon fibre composites from bending tests – Xun Wu (PDF, 1,063kB) (Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol)
  • Experimental measurement of the compression strength of unidirectional carbon fiber composites – Lars Mikkelsen (PDF, 2,247kB) (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Analysis of compressive behaviour in fiber direction of laminated composite structures in presence of matrix degradation – Christian Hochard (PDF, 2,113kB) (Aix Marseille University)
  • Measuring UD compression strength and the factors affecting it – Costas Soutis (PDF, 1,013kB) (University of Manchester)

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