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Successful online workshop on Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength Workshop 23 March 2021

22 April 2021

Professor Michael Wisnom, Director of the Bristol Composites Institute, together with Professor Yentl Swolfs from KU Leuven and Professor Federico Paris from the University of Seville, organised a successful online workshop on Tensile Strength on 23 March.

The topic of the online workshop was "Measuring UD tensile strength and the factors affecting it".

Professor Michael Wisnom presented a paper on the topic, followed by seven short presentations.

Over 100 people from 20 countries attended the workshop and participated in an interesting discussion after the presentations.

A recording of the workshop can be watched on the Bristol Composite Institute's YouTube channel. The PowerPoint presentations and a paper summarising the topic are available for download via the links below.


Workshop Programme

Meeting introduction – Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven)

Topic presentation:

  • Michael Wisnom (Bristol Composites Institute), Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven) and Federico Paris (University of Seville) – How do we measure fibre direction tensile strength and the factors affecting it?

5-minute presentations:

  • Determination of XT in composites: A industrial case study – Rocío Ocaña (ELEMENT Seville), José Cañas, and Federico Paris (University of Seville)

  • Effect of stressed volume on tensile strength – Michael Wisnom (Bristol Composites Institute)
  • Experiences with tensile strength of GFRP considering specimen geometry and environmental effects – Dennis Gibhardt and Bodo Fiedler (Hamburg University of Technology)

  • Hybrid specimens for accurate determination of the tensile failure strain of UD carbon reinforced composites: Benefits and challenges – Gergely Czél (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

  • The tensile strength of unidirectional composites – Lars P. Mikkelsen (Technical University of Denmark)

  • Arrow-shaped tabs: an easy-to-implement strategy for measuring longitudinal tensile strength – Yentl Swolfs (KU Leuven)

  • Fiber bundle tests for strength of fibrous composites – Young W. Kwon (Naval Postgraduate School) 

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