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Grace Kelly and Cora Fung receiving their awards

13 June 2019

Grace Kelly and Cora Fung came first and second in the Institute of Civil Engineers South West Emerging Engineers Award.

Grace said “It was such a great experience to compete in the ICE Emerging Engineers Award with my sustainability based third-year research project from the University of Bristol. After presenting and discussing my work at the South West regional final, I was delighted that the topical nature of my work was recognised as one that could potentially be exploited within our industry.”

We are hugely proud of both Grace’s and Cora’s achievements. 

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More about the awards:

The Emerging Engineers Award promotes and rewards outstanding communication of civil engineering ideas and research. It offers ICE student, graduate and trainee technician members the opportunity to submit a paper on any civil engineering-related topic in the format of research, a report or essay.

For further information see the Emerging Engineers Award dropdown at

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