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Hackspace: room to experiment, build and play

5 February 2018

The University of Bristol’s Faculty of Engineering is launching a Hackspace, a new creative workshop for students.

Engineering already has a plethora of high-spec labs and workshops filled with the latest cutting-edge equipment, but the Hackspace is a bit different.

The 103sqm co-working space on the ground floor of the Merchant Venturers Building has been designed with students to provide a space for hacking, making and crafting. The ethos of the space is one of experimentation and collaboration. It will be a safe space to test new ideas and make mistakes!

The Hackspace is equipped with a variety of facilities, including: electronics bays, a laser cutter, a CNC router, 3D printers, tools and more. As well as supporting curriculum-based projects the facilities are available to students for their own engineering initiatives. The space can also be used for ad-hoc training, engineering student society events and outreach initiatives.

The space will be formally launched on Wednesday the 7th of February with demonstrations of the kit as well as of the type of projects that will be built there.

Further information

All Engineering students are welcome to use the space (following an induction). There is also a Facebook group where students can find more information about the space and continue the discussions and collaborations that start in the lab.

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