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EE student awarded Scholar of the Year 2016 by the United Kingdom Electronic Skills Foundation (UKESF)

14 December 2016

University of Bristol’s Joanna Taylor was awarded Scholar of the Year 2016 at this years’ NMI Awards and Gala Dinner. The award is in recognition of her contribution during a work placement with Imagination Technologies and her active promotion of Electronics and engineering to young people. Joanna, a fourth-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, was the first female undergraduate to be honoured with the award and received a trophy and cheque for 500.

During the gala, UKESF CEO Stew Edmonston spoke of Joanna’s achievement and the importance of raising awareness of Electronics and supporting undergraduates. “…If we are going to really tackle our skills shortage we need many more undergraduates like Joanna - highly capable and with a passion to learn and make a difference.”

The award is granted to students who actively promote Electronics to young people by participating in STEM outreach projects and activities. Joanna has spearheaded a number of projects delivered in primary schools, through the Women in Engineering student society. As well as designing and leading a number of exciting workshops at the school’s flagship event Digimakers, which takes place at the Science Centre At-Bristol.

Joanna spoke of her experience in promoting electronics to children:

“I really enjoy doing Outreach activities for the University as there is there is such a shortage of engineers in the UK, especially female engineers. It's important to get more diversity into engineering and tech industries as more diversity (not just gender diversity) helps company productivity as different people from different backgrounds have different views and opinions. Thus, when brought together they can develop new creative and innovative ideas”.

Additionally, the student must demonstrate having made a significant contribution to their sponsoring employer during their work placements to quality for the award.

Joanna’s sponsorship company, Imagination Technologies, are based in Bristol where they:

  • Create and license market-leading processor solutions for :
    • graphics,
    • video and vision processing,
    • general purpose and
    • embedded processing (CPU & MCU),
  • Multi-standard communications.

Imagination Technologies are one of the world’s top silicon intellectual property companies. Joanna has worked with them affecting real and palpable change to some of the company’s projects and designs.  In her three summers, she worked on all aspects of silicon processor development from design to test, including optimization of power usage in processor designs, implementing analysis tools to speed up product development, and even working on test benches with next-generation cores.

“It was really good to utilise and develop the skills I learnt in my degree and to learn more skills in a workplace environment. It meant that when I came back to university, especially after my first summer, I was more motivated as I could see the real world application.

Joanna presented a speech to over 400 full-time engineers present at the NMI gala and was able to meet and network with various engineers from the Electronic industry with the hopes that these connections will lead to meaningful employment in the future.

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