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ACCIS CDT design, build and test project video

14 July 2016

This new video from the ACCIS CDT presents the work of the first year cohort as they undertake their ‘DBT’ project.

One of the highlights of the taught component of the PhD program at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT) is the Design, Build and Test (DBT) group project. The competing teams worked with Logan Wang (2014 cohort) to film their progress throughout the project from the initial stages of design all the way through to the final testing. In what is now an established annual tradition, the footage has been turned into an informative video, documenting the DBT experiences of Team Maverick and Team Iceman (team names inspired by the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun).

The DBT project involved the design of a composite structure, from initial sizing to more refined analysis, which was then manufactured and tested against the set requirements. All the work was carried out by the students, with assistance from the lab technician and input from the supervising lecturers where appropriate. As this work ran in parallel to other coursework and final examinations, the students were tested not only on their technical abilities and knowledge but also on their self-management and organisational skills. The practical challenges the students faced during the DBT project allowed them to come out of the experience with a greater appreciation for the bigger picture and better prepared for their individual PhD research activities.

Vincent Maes, from Team Iceman, said: “After all the time and effort that has gone into completing the DBT, it is an odd feeling to see it so readily compressed to just over six minutes. It is often difficult to capture all the full technical detail of your work in such a condensed format, but Logan has done a wonderful job at helping us present our work. For anyone outside of ACCIS, this video provides a nice glimpse behind the curtains and what ACCIS CDT students get up to.”

Team Maverick member, Aewis Hii said: “I am sure my colleagues would agree with me that DBT project was fun, challenging and rewarding. Through this project, we were able to get first-hand experience on the product life cycle - from design, manufacture, test, to post-test evaluation. Logan's production of this video is definitely the cherry on top of our learning and all the technical reports we produced. It is a legacy, and a reminder of our six-month's hard work to make this project a healthy competition between two talented teams.”

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