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ACCIS team laptop cover is set to boost Greek economy

[l-r] Despina Zympeloudi, EngD student, Birmingham University; Jamie Hartley and Evangelos Zympeloudis, PhD students, University of Bristol; Dr Anastasia Koutsomitopoulou, Research Associate, University of Bristol Reload Greece

The Nima prototype case for the Apple MacBook Pro Reload Greece

4 August 2016

Winning ACCIS team’s carbon-fibre laptop cover is set to boost Greek economy.

Congratulations to Evangelos Zympeloudis and Jamie Hartley, third year PhD students in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT), who along with Dr Anastasia Koutsomitopoulou, ACCIS Research Associate in Advance Cellulose Composite Manufacturing and Despoina Zympeloudi, University of Birmingham EngD student, were recently awarded first place at the start-up competition, Reload Greece Challenge 2016.

Reload Greece, part of the Hub of Youth Entrepreneurship in London, aims to provide experience and business expertise to help young people set up UK companies that can have a social or economic impact on Greece. Together, the group known as Nima Composites won the competition with their idea for making high tech carbon-fibre covers for laptops and tablets.

Due to the 100% carbon fibre casing, the resulting product designed for electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones is slimmer, lighter and more protective than heavier counterparts currently available.

Part of the idea’s development involved an intensive training day at London Business School, where they met other start-up professionals and were able to refine their idea with the help of a specialist mentor. Their success was also recently highlighted in a BBC Business News televised interview with Evangelos.

The team say they owe a great part of their success to the technical background they have developed during their studies at ACCIS and in particular, the Design, Build and Test group project which introduced them to manufacturing processes during the first year of their ACCIS CDT PhD course. The core presentation skills also acquired during that first year, proved crucial when pitching to investors who formed the judging panel.

CDT Director Paul Weaver said, "This is exactly the kind of entrepreneurial activity ACCIS CDT encourages and it is pleasing to see both Evangelos and Jamie, as existing ACCIS CDT students, being central to Nima Composites developments."

While the company will be based in Bristol, manufacturing will be outsourced to Athens providing the potential to spark off a new industry in Greece, creating jobs and unique skills and boosting the Greek economy.


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