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ACCIS research highlighted in international engineering magazine.

Article's principle author, Gergely Czel.

11 November 2016

A recent scientific article by ACCIS researchers, Gergely Czel, Dr Meisam Jalalvand and ACCIS Director, Professor Michael Wisnom, has been highlighted in Canadian magazine, 'Advances in Engineering', a leading source of international engineering research news.

Their academic paper, Design and characterisation of advanced pseudo-ductile unidirectional thin-ply carbon/epoxy-glass/epoxy hybrid composites, was first published in engineering journal, 'Composites Structures' in May.  The research showcases the great potential of producing immediately applicable pseudo-ductile composites and provides an insight into the important factors for optimal hybrid configuration design.

Principal author Gergely Czel, a senior research associate of ACCIS, is based in Budapest University of Technology and Economics. 

A link to the 'Advances in Engineering' article can be found here.

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