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Engineering quantum science into quantum reality

16 April 2015

The University of Bristol has today launched its new state-of-the-art Quantum Engineering Technology (QET) Labs. The QET Labs will provide unique world-leading facilities, bringing together industrial and academic collaborators to build devices that span numerous areas of quantum technology development from the nano-fabrication of quantum devices to a city-scale Quantum Key Distribution network.

With significant new investment from the University of Bristol, theQET Labs will span research groups across both the Faculties of Science and Engineering to deliver a radically new generation of machines that exploit quantum physics to transform our lives, society and economy.

Potential applications include developing secure communication systems for individuals, corporations and government; precision sensors for environmental monitoring, biomedical applications and security; quantum simulators to design new materials, pharmaceuticals and clean energy devices; and quantum computers to tackle challenges in big data and machine learning.

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