Sinead Lynch

Growing up in London, I was aware of engineering all around me and grew more and more fascinated by how everything worked together. I enjoyed maths and physics but was really interested in how inventions have, and continue to, change the way we live. Engineering Design really appealed to me - it gave me a greater insight into other disciplines and how they work together to achieve something bigger, and the true impact engineers can have.

The links with industry are what really set this course apart. Partnerships with industry-leading companies gives you an industry ready skill set that enhances your employability. My placements with Atkins and GKN involved design, process engineering, project management and business development projects.

You tackle real life challenges that are facing industry. My major design project saw my team design and build a first-of-its kind hybrid rapid prototyping machine, which provided the chance to get my hands dirty and develop my ability to adapt and problem solve. This has already proved invaluable in my working career.

At Bristol there are societies to suit every interest, the city itself is vibrant and having started my graduate role at Arup Bristol (water and site development engineer), I am glad to still be a part of such an exciting city!

Sinead Lynch
Sinead Lynch (MEng, 2014), Water Engineer
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