Throughout school I was unsure what I wanted to study at university. I loved art and anything creative but was most happy when being challenged and problem solving. So, although my A-Levels of Art, Chemistry, Physics and Maths aren’t always the typical choice of an engineering applicant, engineering appeared to be a great way to combine my skills. Traditional courses seemed to funnel you into one stream of engineering and thinking; the exact thing my creative side wanted to avoid. Engineering Design, however, seemed to offer something different. It offered a range of engineering disciplines and the freedom of choice to discover your own path. For someone as headstrong, and often, indecisive as me, this was perfect!

The true benefits of the Engineering Design course became apparent within my first few weeks of joining. I didn’t initially have the technical knowledge of some of my course mates and it was easy to feel as if I had taken on a bit too much. However, this is where the Engineering Design course really comes into its own. The small cohort size means you really do get to know everyone and the family atmosphere makes sure nobody is left behind. The staff also go above and beyond with their enthusiasm and support to ensure you can pursue your passions. This creates the perfect environment where you feel comfortable to develop your own unique skills.

As you progress through the course you will discover another huge advantage – the industrial placements. I completed placements at Arup and Babcock during my time in university and the experiences gained are incomparable with those gained through lectures alone. The learning curve is huge and the companies expect a lot. However, this brings with it opportunities to prove your skills and gain recognition, and you quickly surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.

With your newfound engineering friends it isn’t long until you explore the amazing city of Bristol. The university itself offers loads of sports teams and societies. So if you’re like me and turn up to university without thinking you have any specific talents, you will soon find something that appeals. There is also an Engineering Design society who organise inter-year socials, where you discover engineers like to party just as much as the rest!

I am now a graduate engineer for Associated British Foods working in bread factories across the country. My role is varied from attending breakdown calls, planning downtime and maintenance schedules, managing factory lines with multiple machines and operators, and managing budgets. My role involves many things that I would never have dreamed of doing or being capable of when joining the course. The opportunities and experience the course has offered have enabled me to plan my development based on my own interests and skills.

I really can’t say enough about the Engineering Design course. It has shaped my friends, my skills, my ambitions and my future. It has taught me to never accept second best and to strive for what I want. If you’re determined, ambitious and motivated to create your own future then this is the course for you.

Eloise Myers, 2017, Production Engineer

Eloise Myers

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