George Cave

"I'll be honest and say that at school I didn't really spend much time looking intensively at my options and where to apply to. My 6 choices were a combination of the Times University Guide list and a friend’s suggestions from the year above. However, since then I have spent five incredible years at Bristol University, and here is why:

What makes this course so worth applying to? There are two, huge, stand out features that I feel set it apart from other degrees. Firstly, the level of industrial sponsorship seems to be almost unique amongst engineering degrees; the dedication of the staff to support you to secure summer and year placements is fantastic. To leave University with 15 months of relevant experience doesn’t just give you a hugely employable CV but really helps you work out whether a career in this sort of sector is right for you.

Secondly, the final projects, spanning two years, provide the opportunity to develop concepts, ideas and prototypes to a level that you will probably never reach elsewhere. I spent two years working with a group on concept designs for the next generation of submarine weapon systems. The finished results and physical model are now being used by the sponsor company at naval trade shows.

As for the city itself, I have visited campus universities and I don’t understand the appeal. In Bristol, you really live IN this city. There are so many bars, clubs, shops and things to see crammed into such a small area that it is easy to spend five years still discovering places. The breadth of societies available through the Union is brilliant, and through a combination of the expeditions society, canoe club and climbing club I spent many weekends and summers across the far reaches of the country and Europe summiting mountains in the freezing snow and baking sunshine.

To conclude, this is a course that genuinely helps to turn sixth form students into real leaders. Simply looking at how many of my year ran student societies, charity projects or sports teams gives one indication of the sort of people you will work with. The genuine rivalry we felt to try and continually top each other’s work gives you another. In conclusion, it is a challenge, and not for all, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my degree, or Bristol University, to you."

George Cave (MEng, 2011), Design Engineer

This is a course that genuinely helps to turn sixth form students into real leaders.

George Cave
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