Computer Science and Electronics

The line between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering is increasingly blurred; the study of both subjects together holds huge advantages. Our four year masters Computer Science and Electronics course is designed and run in close collaboration with the industry professionals from the local world-leading semiconductor design industry.

Bristol is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of the density of local world leading microelectronics companies and this provides enormous benefits to students who choose to study here.

The study of Computer Science equips you with both the theoretical and practical abilities to approach problems or challenges in hardware or software, whilst the Electrical Engineering side allows you to transfer your ideas to a tangible design. Put together, this course allows you to take a product idea from conception through to complete implementation.

Six months in industry, access to state of the art laboratories and equipment, industry professionals, postgraduate research assistants and the latest technologies – in some cases before they have even been released, all contribute to 100% of this year's computer science and electronics graduates' job offers, received before their graduation ceremony had even taken place.

The close relationship between the local industry and the university enable us to meet the industry's ever increasing need for Engineers with knowledge and practical abilities spanning both disciplines; by giving all our students a head start and providing the industry with the high calibre graduates that they are looking for.

There's a big cult of electronics around Bristol, everyone knows everyone in the industry, I don't think other uni's could give you what Bristol does; we've been given technology to use on our projects that hasn't even been released yet!

Nic, 2nd Year CSE student


Michael Chappell
CSE Undergraduate Administrator
Faculty of Engineering
Tel: +44 (0)117 954 5168

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