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Full list of ILO Research Project Managers, Project Officers and Administrators:

NameJob titleAssociated project or research group
Miss Maria Arias Project Officer UNDT research group
Mr James Barker Strategic Engagement Administrator South West Nuclear Hub
Miss Julia Carey Project Manager  SPHERE project
Miss Lindsay Coleman CAME School Research Administrator  
Mrs Helen Cooke SCEEM School Research Administrator  
Mrs Katie Drury Project Manager   Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) research group and Rolls-Royce UTC
Dr Jason Farrell  Research Manager  Solid Mechanics and Nuclear Engineering
Ms Julie Grady Composites Research and Impact Manager  Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) research group
Ms Sarah Hassall Project Officer  AWI and ALPES projects
Miss Jenny Hawkins Project Officer  HPN research group
Miss Barb Johnstone Research Administrator  HPN research group
Mrs Helen Jones  Senior Administrator and Project Coordinator  Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) research group
Ms Maria Korea Smart Internet Lab Manager Smart Internet Lab
Miss Sarah Lawton Project Officer T-B PHASE
Ms Julie Lewis-Thompson Project Manager New Enzymatically Produced Interpenetrating Starch-Cellulose Gels
Mrs Allison McIntosh-Smith Senior Administrator and Project Coordinator Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) research group
Miss Lorraine McManus Project Administrator and EA to the Director SPHERE project
Mrs Harriet Parks Research Administrator CSN and EEM research groups
Mrs Viv Paulete Project Manager PLEX and UKCRIC projects
Ms Yvonne Rigby Project Manager
Miss Bridget Everett Research Administrator Visual Information Lab and Cryptography research groups and Bristol Vision Institute

Miss Sophie Ross-Smith

Project Manager Bristol Is Open
Miss Sophie Spence Project Officer
Miss Paige Spicer Administrative Assistant Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) research group
Miss Krissy Stothard Administrator South West Nuclear Hub
Mrs Clare Thresher Operations Manager South West Nuclear Hub
Dr Fai Tila Technical Project Manager  CSN research group
Mr Jamie Townes Industry Engagement Manager South West Nuclear Hub
Ms Nicola Woodhall Project Officer AEROGUST project
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