Research Showcase 2021

Our research makes an impact on the world, from saving and improving quality of lives, to tackling sustainability and environmental challenges, to providing commercial benefits to industry partners. In April 2021 we held a virtual event to showcase what we’re working on – take a look at the presentations and listen to our experts discuss some of the hot topics in engineering and computer science.

The Research Showcase event has now finished. See below for links to recordings of the talks.

Programme of talks

Monday 19 April

Transport and Infrastructure

Urban resilience: a climate impact perspective
Dr Maria Pregnolato

10.00-10.45am Watch video

The new UKCRIC National Facility for Soil-Foundation-structure interaction: research challenges and business opportunities
Professor Anastasios Sextos

11.15am-12.15pm Watch video

How can we deliver a greener future for aviation? (Panel discussion)
Professor Valeska Ting
Professor Jonathan Cooper
Professor Mahdi Azarpeyvand
Professor Phil Mellor
Chair: Richard Oldfield, NCC

1.30-2.45pm Watch video

Heavy-duty automotive electrification: Challenges and opportunities
Dr Saeed Jahdi

3.15-4.00pm Watch video
Health and Living

Soft robotics technologies for improved quality of life
Dr Andrew Conn

11.30am-12.15pm Watch video

How will digital technologies change the way people live in the future? (Panel discussion)
Dr Anne Roudaut
Professor Dave Bull
Professor Ian Craddock
Chair: Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill

1.30-2.30pm Watch video

Accessing the actual use of personal health, care and wellbeing devices and apps in the wild
Dr Aisling O’Kane

3.15-4.00pm Watch video

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Tuesday 20 April

Energy and Environment

What are the challenges to reaching net zero? (Panel discussion)
Dr Paul Harper
Professor Chris Preist
Professor Mahmoud Mostafavi
Dr Claire Gronow
Chair: Professor Guy Howard

10.00-11.15am Watch video

Energy and the Sustainable Development Goals
Dr Sam Williamson

11.45am-12.30pm Watch video

Nuclear energy innovation bites
Hosted by Dr Harry Coules

1.15-2.00pm Watch video

Understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of digital services
Dr Dan Schien

2.00-2.45pm Watch video

Better handling of uncertainty in mathematical models: applications in the water and (re)insurance sector
Dr Francesca Pianosi

3.15-4.00pm Watch video
Networks and Security

Machine-checked cryptography: increasing trust through formal methods
Dr Francois Dupressoir

10.00-10.45am Watch video

How will digital technologies help us to deliver a more sustainable and resilient future? (Panel discussion)
Professor Awais Rashid
Professor Dimitra Simeonidou
Professor Theo Tryfonas
Professor Mark Beach
Chair: Reid Derby, Golden Valley Development

11.30am-12.45pm Watch video

National Research Centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence Online (REPHRAIN)
Dr Marvin Ramokapane

2.00-2.45pm Watch video

Physical layer security in wireless networks
Dr Vaia Kalokidou

3.15-4.00pm Watch video

Bristol Cyber Security group - lab tour & testbed demo

4.00-5.00pm Watch video

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Wednesday 21 April

Materials and Manufacturing

How is research from Bristol advancing our materials and manufacturing future? (Panel discussion)
Professor Bruce Drinkwater
Professor Ben Hicks
Professor Janice Barton
Professor Ole Thomsen
Chair: Professor Ian Bond

10.00-11.15am Watch video

Finding fibres, counting cracks & beating bacteria: applications in electromagnetic sensing
Dr Robert Hughes

2.00-2.45pm Watch video

Designing and manufacturing the future: an introduction to the Design Manufacturing Futures Lab
Dr James Gopsill

3.15-4.00pm Watch video
Robotics and Autonomy

What is the future of robotics? (Panel discussion)
Professor Jonathan Rossiter
Dr Sabine Hauert
Dr Nathan Lepora
Professor Manuel Giuliani
Chair: Professor Arthur Richards

10.00-11.15am Watch video

Anthropomorphism in medical robotics and beyond: dexterity and haptics
Dr Antonia Tzemanaki

11.45am-12.30pm Watch video

Swarm robotics into the real world
Dr Edmund Hunt

2.00-2.45pm Watch video

Drones in dangerous places: the use of unoccupied aerial robotics in volcanic and nuclear environments
Dr Kieran Wood

3.15-4.00pm Watch video

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Thursday 22 April

AI and Data Science

New horizons for machine learning and big data
Professor Peter Flach
Professor Kate Robson Brown
Dr Dan Schien
Dr Venura Perera (LV=)
Victoria Rege (Graphcore)

10.00-11.00am Watch video

Neuroscience through the lens of machine learning
Dr Rui Ponte Costa

11.30am-12.15pm Watch video

Sousveillance meets machine learning: The EPIC-KITCHENS project
Dr Dima Damen

3.15-4.00pm Watch video
Quantum Technologies and Advanced Computing

What is the future for quantum technologies? (Panel discussion)
Dr Anthony Laing
Dr Andy Collins
Professor Reza Nejabati
Mustafa Rampuri
Chair: Anke Lohmann (SetSquared)

10.00-11.00am Watch video

Post-quantum cryptography
Dr Chloe Martindale

11.30am-12.15pm Watch video

Quantum photonics for scale
Dr Joshua Silverstone

2.00-2.45pm Watch video

Quantum networking: advances in building large quantum networks and running several application/protocols on these networks
Dr Siddarth Koduru Joshi

3.15-4.00pm Watch video

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Friday 23 April


Prosperity Partnerships panel event: Successful academic and industry collaborations (Panel discussion)
Professor Arthur Richards
Angus Johnson, Thales
Professor David Knowles
Ionel Nistor, EDF
Professor Mark Beach
Magnus Sandell, Toshiba


A guide to the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK)


What does the cosmos tell you about soil hydrology? (GW4 Water Security Alliance Webinar)
Dr Rafael Rosolem

2.30-3.30pm Watch video

REPHRAIN - Understanding the online harm landscape


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