Summer Internship Scheme

Work with our high-quality engineering and computer science students to deliver a 6-12 week summer project.

Internships are mutually beneficial. Firstly, they enable our students to apply their knowledge and perspectives to your project while developing real-world experience. Secondly, as well as you accessing our students’ up to date insights, internships can lead to graduate employment; allowing you to assess the suitability of an intern for your company.

Furthermore, as our dedicated team manages the administration process associated with an intern’s recruitment - from application to interview - your company would have exclusive access to our students with minimal effort. Moreover, advertising your opportunity also helps to raise your company’s profile directly with our students.

If you have any questions, would like further information or to sign up, please refer to our ‘Summer internship scheme 2020’ and ‘Get in touch’ boxes on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Using the internship scheme we can get talented people through the door, spending time with them in a low-risk environment and then making an informed decision about whether they’re right for us and whether we’re right for them.

Neeraj Oak, Apak Group

Get in touch

Huw Andrews
Industrial Liaison Coordinator
0117 95 45161

The Industrial Liaison Office has really taken that [administrative] weight off our shoulders as it is a very straightforward process ... For us the main benefit is the value for money, getting high quality people in to do projects that we wouldn’t have the resource to do otherwise.

Matt Butcher, Inductosense
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