Nuclear Seminar Series: Nuclear Education & Skills Capability

14 March 2018, 5.45 PM - 14 March 2018, 8.00 PM

Jim Gulliford, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queen’s Building

It is certain that regardless of a country’s nuclear power policy, there is a need to preserve scientific and engineering expertise in the nuclear field. However  there has been declining student enrolment in nuclear science and engineering programmes, as well expertise being lost through retirement and inactivity.

Undoubtedly, besides theoretical knowledge on existing technologies and regulations, there is immense value in passing-on practical skills and know-how to younger generations. This can best be achieved by engaging them in challenging activities such as domestic and multinational research and advanced technology development projects.

In this talk Jim Gulliford will outline the Nuclear Energy Agency’s activities and how it is tackling these challenges, through international initiatives like the Nuclear Education, Skills and Technology (NEST) Framework.

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