Individual research projects

The aim of the individual research project is for students to develop the skills required to solve real, open-ended problems, to plan and organise work, and effectively communicate results. In addition, the project will allow students to focus on a particular area and implement some of the knowledge gained on the course. The projects are wide-ranging, often multidisciplinary, may be scientific, involve the study of certain phenomena, might be technology or product-orientated with a design emphasis or based on a topic related to engineering systems and management.

Correspondingly, students will develop research, technical and practical skills in an area relevant to the project. The students use the knowledge and skills they have learned in the first two years to make a contribution to a larger research based project.

Students learn how to:

  • plan and execute a project and work to a budget;
  • plan and organise their work and co-ordinate it with that of other members of the University;
  • synthesise, interpret and apply research literature and experimental data;
  • develop the means (e.g. new apparatus or computer code) by which a problem may be tackled;
  • write a detailed and structured technical report;
  • communicate technical results via presentation.

Examples of student projects


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