Postgraduate study

MSc in Engineering Mathematics

Taught programme

This unique MSc in Engineering Mathematics applies mathematical and engineering principles to real-world problems across a multitude of domains from artificial intelligence, ecology, medicine, physics, social media and sustainability.

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MSc in Robotics

Taught programme

The MSc in Robotics will provide you with the ability to understand, design and implement modern robotic systems. This programme exposes you to advanced engineering and computer science concepts, with the opportunity to carry out a practical robot project.

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MSc in Biorobotics

The next frontier in robotics will take inspiration from biology to design robots that are soft, smart, green, and social. From microrobots for cancer treatment, to swarms powering warehouses, soft grippers for manufacturing, and new material interfaces for prosthetics, biorobots will provide solutions to today’s global challenges.

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MSc in Data Science

In this MSc you will learn how to understand, in depth, the computational and statistical principles of modern data science.

You will be equipt with the skills for the rigorous and ethical application of these techniques to real-world challenges.

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PhD Engineering Mathematics

Research programme

Members of the Department of Engineering Mathematics carry out cutting-edge research in areas where mathematics is being applied to future challenges in engineering, industry and the life sciences.

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CDT Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Doctoral training

The vision of the programme is ubiquity - or robots everywhere - enabling students to think beyond a robot's technology and about its environment. Our four-year programme leads to the award of a joint PhD degree from both the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

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Studentships / Scholarships

There are number of ways you can receive funding for your postgraduate study, whether you are a UK, EU or international student. Speak to our department to find out more.

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