About the Department of Engineering Mathematics

The Department of Engineering Mathematics is a vibrant department with a strong international reputation for teaching and research into real-world applications of mathematics. We are unique in the UK as the only mathematics department based in an engineering faculty, which gives us unrivalled access to a wide range of industrial collaborations.

The department is made up of 21 permanent academic members of staff, over 150 undergraduate students, and around 100 postgraduate students and research staff. As well as teaching our own Engineering Mathematics MEng and BEng degrees, we are also responsible for mathematics teaching to all undergraduate engineers, and also to postgraduate students across the university.

Undergraduate degrees

Our undergraduate degree programmes focus on mathematics and its applications. They combine mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing, applied to case studies taken from a wide range of engineering, scientific, industrial and business applications.

We have an outstanding employment rate of 94%, thanks to the range of technical and transferable skills we teach. The combination of strong mathematical content and a flexible range of options mean that our graduates work in an exciting range of careers spanning the whole of mathematics and engineering.


We conduct world-leading research, particularly focused in the areas of Applied Nonlinear Mathematics and Intelligent Systems. We ranked as one of the top three applied mathematics departments in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

Recent successes include a £1.6M EPSRC grant, a Royal Society Wolfson award, and IEEE fellowship, and the Bristol/Bath EngD in Systems Engineering. The Doctoral Training Centre in Complexity Science has just been awarded a £3.5M extension providing 10 fully-funded PhD studentships each year for the next three years. Thanks to our home in the Faculty of Engineering we have strong links with all the engineering departments, but we also collaborate more widely across the university, particularly with the Faculties of Science, and Medical and Veterinary Sciences. The department also has strong external and industrial links, including recent joint projects with BT, GCHQ, Airbus amongst many others.


Our history goes all the way back to the creation of the Faculty of Engineering, in 1908. The department is descended from the original Department of Theoretical Mechanics, which changed its name to the Department of Engineering Mathematics in 1973. The first Engineering Mathematics degrees were awarded in 1980, and we became part of the School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths  (which also includes the departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) in 2010.


You'll find the latest information from the department in our  Engineering Mathematics newsletter (PDF, 1,973kB).

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