Links with industry

All our staff work closely with industry and this ensures our teaching material is current and industrially relevant. Our industrial links enable us to arrange student internships, summer placements and scholarships.

World-leading research

Communications, Electrical Energy Management and extensive interdisciplinary links with Applied Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Medicine.

Industrial Advisory Board

The Department’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides valuable advice and feedback on the structure and composition of our undergraduate degree programmes, thus ensuring students have the skills required for a successful career in industry.

Please visit the alphabetical links below for company websites:

Internships and placements

The main route to obtain a summer placement is via one of our main scholarships: UKESF and E3 Academy.

Many of our IAB members offer studentships and summer placement opportunities. Sponsoring companies (for both scholarships) will arrange for scholars to have at least one paid summer work placement for a minimum of eight weeks. It is possible to obtain two or more placements with different companies throughout a student's studies.  Scholars also have the opportunity to participate in summer workshops and summer schools.

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