Why study at Bristol?

Five reasons

  1. We provide you with discipline-focused teaching. We achieved the highest possible teaching mark in the last government assessment. We are passionate about teaching and you will be taught by internationally renowned experts.
  2. We provide you with state-of-the-art facilities – our research groups and industrial partners provide you with privileged access to hardware and software, as well as industrial samples and prototypes.
  3. You benefit from outstanding industrial relationships, providing opportunities for scholarships, summer placements, industrial seminars, and exclusive employment.
  4. The City of Bristol (and the surrounding West Country) is a beautiful and stimulating environment. Bristol remains one of the most popular university destinations (based on applications per place) in the UK.
  5. After six months, 96 per cent of our graduates are in well-paid full-time employment. There is strong demand for graduating electrical and electronic engineers!

You should also consider:

  • We are the only university offering both the UK Electronics Skills Foundation and the E3 Academy Scholarship.
  • We provide a programme dedicated to individual excellence.
  • At Bristol we train you how to lead rather than to follow. We teach you ‘how to think’ and how to ‘challenge existing practice’.
  • Bristol is home to Europe’s largest cluster of micro-electronics industries, the UK’s biggest aerospace companies, and a thriving creative media industry.
  • All of our undergraduate degree programmes are accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

‌The Bristol degree programme gives you all the foundation knowledge you need in order to tackle complex problems.

Mantalena Sarafianou, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
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